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Lil (Luvitlots) has emerged from a lady's desire to give her family the best possible natural body care products and is now available for the ones who believe in natural beauty. They are handmade in limited quantities and the best possible quality is instilled in every one of LIL products. The raw ingredients are sourced from the ancient hills, pristine forest, and the untouched small towns of East India and handmade in the United Arab Emirates. Clean Beauty, Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free, and Sustainable. 


Reshma Thomas is a self-made entrepreneur, whose shared love for anything that is natural and handmade prompted her to start ‘LIL’, a brand that features 100% natural and affordable personal care products. A postgraduate in Human Resource Management, Reshma who embraced a more organic-driven lifestyle realized that this healthier form of living comes with a high price tag. Being a complete travel enthusiast, it was on a trip to Italy that she crossed paths with a cosmetologist whose expertise and guidance ignited the desire to develop safer and cleaner beauty products that are reasonably priced for everyone.

She further completed certification in Natural Perfumery and Cosmetics from Florence, Italy, and also did the certification in Holistic Herbal Skincare & Haircare from the UK, after quitting her 15 yearlong professional life. Her first attempt at customizing personal care products for her family and friends was welcomed with open arms. Juggling her roles as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, all her products are carefully crafted by hand at home, attending to every fine detail, ensuring that it meets the premium quality standard. The brand name ‘LIL’ expands to ‘Love it Lots’, a testimony to Reshma’s passion for her venture.

With its base in Dubai, LIL now has a natural line of products ranging from skin and hair care to wellness, all packed with Reshma’s love and care. The India-born founder has also started a clothing range named ‘Lilagance’, which has now gathered a strong customer base for its sustainable fabrics. Reshma Thomas aims for a business expansion in the future with the vision to deliver high-quality products that are eco-friendly, economical, and accessible to anyone.


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