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ItsHerWay and the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) have come Together To Enable Shepreneurs to Develop Business Resilience and Adaptability

ItsHerWay and the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) have come Together To Enable Shepreneurs to Develop Business Resilience and Adaptability

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) was established in 2019 with a mission to enable women entrepreneurs to develop the resilience and adaptability they need to make their businesses prosper. The UAE edition of AWE is organized by the US Mission to the United Arab Emirates in partnership with startAD, AmCham Abu Dhabi, and GrowME International. They offer a new model for entrepreneurship education and innovation. AWE designs and delivers customized and impact-driven programs to further UAE’s transition into a knowledge-based economy.

AWE has successfully impacted the business ecosystem by equipping it with the necessary tools to build innovative new products that serve a global need. They collaborate with organizations to develop entrepreneurial capacity among female entrepreneurs in the UAE. ItsHerWay provides a space for businesswomen to connect, share, and support one another. 

AWE’s Collaboration with ItsHerWay is another step toward empowering women to fulfill their economic potential. ItsHerWay urges motivated women in UAE to achieve their economically advantageous ambitions. From following dreams to having fun with hobbies and natural talents, this company enables a path of success..By delivering the necessary knowledge, network, and access to launch or scale a business, AWE and ItsHerWay will promote an enabling environment that will reduce barriers and facilitate women’s participation in the economy.

Collaborating with AWE is yet another effort to provide #Shepreneurs with a growth opportunity. ItsHerWay members who have a unique business idea can benefit from this collaboration. Once short-listed for an AWE program, shepreneuers will have an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and network to grow, stabilize and upscale their business. 

AWE 3.0 is its third edition, a 3-months program customized for the UAE economy. The program will focus on getting a better insight into your business objectives before evaluating them. Next, the help of 1:1 coaching and mentorship with subject matter experts will equip female business owners to plan a promising way forward to help expand and flourish their businesses. Present your business through a specially curated event on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2023.

"It is a highly customized 3-month program for women-led SMEs in the UAE. The 2nd edition of AWE UAE was aimed to promote economic prosperity by creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs to skill, scale, and thrive. It focused on enabling women-owned SMEs in the UAE to deconstruct and identify new channels, markets & customers while strengthening the operational business pillars that these SMEs may lack the experiences or resources to build." ~ The Academy of Women Entrepreneurs. 

ItsHerWay is an award-winning community of 2000+ women-owned businesses running successfully since 2017. We strive to support and empower passionate and skillful business-driven women in the region who want to make their dreams come true. We not only want to support them through the community we build together but also through opportunities where they can actually learn what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur. 

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