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A Chat with Al Umuma: The Support Group That All Middle Eastern Mother’s Need

A Chat with Al Umuma: The Support Group That All Middle Eastern Mother’s Need

Pregnancy and motherhood, a topic that is often tainted by a beautiful vision of life with a few minor obstacles. Everything completely the opposite of what the journey is actually like. Karen Abou Jaoude, Sarah Raslan, and Mais Imran have taken it upon themselves to create a podcast that will break down all the different stages of motherhood. These three wonderful mothers came together to tell the raw truth of pregnancy, birth, and everything that follows.
The podcast launched on March 15 of this year and its title “Al Umuma” is derived from the Arabic language, meaning “Motherhood”. The aim of this podcast is to speak about the unspoken topics when it comes to motherhood, specifically in the middle east.
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Experts and medical professionals have been invited to take part in this initiative to weigh in on the different topics and provide much-needed information alongside advice to all mothers to be. Difficult topics like pregnancy loss are also one of the highlights of the podcast and the episode is truly heavy-hearted. Although such topics are common, the discussions surrounding them are often dismayed and the emotional impact is looked upon.
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Aside from the seriousness, the three ladies are always able to lighten the mood and make you giggle here and there about their own rollercoaster of experiences. This podcast has definitely become the support group that all middle eastern mothers need, in a country where ex-pats choose to settle and build families, it can often be lonely for some mothers and sometimes scary when they are miles away from home. Comfort can be found in the right words and that is what Al Umuma is here for, being there for you, even when it feels like you are alone.
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