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Dubai, 11 October 2023 – In a strategic move poised to elevate cultural festivities across the region, and Eventology are thrilled to announce their collaborative partnership. This alliance kicks off with the vibrant celebration, 'Rangilu Gujarat', and hints at many more collaborative ventures in the future., known for its dedication to championing women entrepreneurs, beautifully aligns with Eventology's vision of creating unparalleled experiences. Both brands are rooted in the ethos of celebrating traditions while innovating for today's audience.

Armin Jamula, the force behind, commented, "Our collaboration with Eventology is not just about events; it’s about celebrating cultures, bridging communities, and echoing the stories and values that resonate with us. This partnership promises not just events, but moments that leave an indelible mark."

"Joining hands with is like weaving two distinct patterns into a beautiful tapestry. Their dedication to community and our passion for events holds the promise of creating memorable experiences," said Rukhsar Baig, Partner at Eventology.

The showcase event, 'Rangilu Gujarat', is merely the beginning of what this dynamic partnership aims to achieve. With a shared vision and the collective expertise of both teams, a series of events that promise to enthral and delight are on the horizon.

For enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the 'Rangilu Gujarat' experience, tickets are exclusively available for the community.

Through this partnership, and Eventology spotlight the beauty of culture, aiming to foster deeper community connections. Stay tuned for more updates on this riveting collaboration!

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