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Click pictures that express like nothing else and impress every heart. Photography is something that embraces reality in such a subtle way that it actually becomes something more than a reality….
Happy World Photography Day to you.

We're Featuring Here Some of Our Stellar Shepreneurs and their stories:
Here's Introducing Ruchita K Jain. 
The three words to describe Ruchita would be cheerful, ambitious and loving. Tiny babies and young children are her favourite kind of people, she loves seeing the world through their eyes, a world of wonder. She tries to catch those feelings in her photographs- curious eyes, innocent smiles and hearts full of sunshine. 
Photography to Ruchita is all about art. She designs the sets, chooses the colours, decides the costumes, picks out the props and creates beautiful moments for you and your family. She photographs maternity, newborns and babies, toddlers, and families, to create fascinating art for her clients.
Ruchita studied Advertising, and Animation before finding her calling in Photography. She studied photography at Shari Academy in Mumbai. To hone her skills in baby and family photography, in 2017, she completed a certified training course at Bella Baby and Beyond Conference by the renowned photographer Ana Brandt, in California. This is where she met other outstanding photographers like Brooke Shaden, Amy McDaniel, Lisa Digeso, and learnt a great deal more about this specialized field of photography. 
There aren’t many photographers in India who specialize in and dedicate themselves to baby and family photography. Ruchita is one of the very few who focus solely on it. She says, she is surrounded by inspiration, sometimes it’s the city she lives in and other times she finds it in the innocence of her niece and nephew.
Ruchita adds that being a photographer is exciting because she gets to meet new people, who want to share their joy with the world, and tell their stories. And there’s nothing that makes her happier than widening their smiles!
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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