It has recently come to our notice that a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by a freelancer with ItsHerWay in the month of May 2020 was breached which has led to the compromise of our seller database.

For this purpose, we make this public statement ensuring all our clients, vendors, affiliates and related parties regarding strong and aggressive measures being taken internally to protect the data, information and ensure privacy of our database.

You are also requested to refrain from responding to or retaining any contact with the freelancer who has approached any related parties of ours in breach of the freelancer’s obligations with ItsHerWay.

Our team would be glad to confirm any doubt you may have regarding any correspondence being directed to you. For the purpose of confirming the authenticity of each such matter, feel free to contact us at

Without prejudice to the above, we confirm to all of you that this particular freelancer in breach of their contractual and ethical obligations towards our vendors, customers, affiliates, clients, peers and company is having to face legal repercussions.

Know that at ItsHerWay, your privacy is of utmost importance and significance.